On the night it can be very busy. Do Good Comedy will take care of the show. From welcoming your audience to the curtain call you can be assured of a professional show.

If you are running an event in your venue or have hired one for the night we will work with you to make sure the room is optimally set up for comedy.

If you plan on selling food and drink at your event, which is highly recommended, we can guide you through the process to ensure you have all bases covered.

The Do Good crew usually arrive an hour before the event to ensure things are ready to go. 

​If you are having an auction or other parts taking place on the night we will help your structure the night to ensure strong audience participation.

When all is done and the applause has died away there is the tidy up. Groups often find this is a great wind down time after such a great evening.

The Return

So the biggest question is always "How much can we make?"

It depends on a few factors.

Firstly, how many tickets are you likely to sell. This starts with the choice of venue. This combined with the amount of time allowed to advertise the event and how well promoted the event is will be reflected in the final sales. Do Good works with you to ensure your event sells as many tickets as possible.

Secondly, The line-up of comedians has an impact. If you are looking to have well-known stand up comedians in the show they do costs more. They also assist in the promotion of the event being a familiar face. Do Good will guide you as to the best line-up for the size and type of show.

Lastly, add-ons to the event. Events where raffles and auctions utilise your captured audience the night. One of the most profitable add-ons is food and beverage. If you are able to sell these during the show they significantly add to the overall funds raised. Do Good can assist you through the processes of ensuring your guest are well fed and hydrated.

The Set Up

Our event planners will guide you through each step of the way to make things as easy for you as possible.

Key information we need includes:


What kind of event are you planning. Who are the target audience - age range.


Do you have a venue in mind. What is its capacity? Does it have sound and lighting? What kinds of facilities does it have?


What kind of humour are your audience after? Are you after a high profile personality? Having a clear guide means we can source the best comedians for your preferences.

Do Good Comedy will talk through your requirements and assist you to create the best possible show.